Groves Students can order fresh, quality food from our Tuckshop. Please ensure your child’s name and class are written on the bag e.g. John Smith 4D. Please use a separate bag for morning tea and lunch and mark it clearly e.g. M/T or Lunch.

Campus 1: Orders are to be placed in the box outside the Tuckshop or in the Undercover Area before school.
Campus 2: Orders are to be placed in the box inside the main office.

View or print the Tuckshop menu below.

Products on this list may contain ingredients that some children react to (peanuts, wheat, colouring etc). Please check with the Tuckshop Convenor if your are aware of your child having allergies to any foods or if you require further information on the ingredients of the foods.

Please note items which are marked * are amber foods and should only be purchased twice a week. All other foods fall into the green category.

Sandwiches/Wraps GF Price
*Plain (Vegemite, Jam, Peanut Butter) $2.00
Cheese & Tomato $3.00
Cheese $2.50
Chicken & Salad $5.00
Chicken $4.00
Chicken & Cheese $4.50
Curried Egg $3.20
Egg & Lettuce $3.50
Egg $3.00
Ham & Salad $5.00
Ham & Tomato/Cheese $4.50
Ham $4.00
Salad (Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Carrot and Beetroot) $4.00
*Spaghetti $2.50
*Baked Beans $2.50
*Nutella $2.50
Salad Plates GF Price
Salad $5.00
Chicken & Salad $6.00
Ham & Salad $6.00
Cheese & Salad $5.50
Egg & Salad $5.50
Extras GF Price
Salad Filling (Each) $0.50
Eggs Boiled $0.50
Cheese $0.50
Toasted $0.50
Drinks GF Price
Plain Milk (300ml) $1.50
Flavoured Milk (300ml) $2.00
Poppers $1.20
Juice 100% (350ml) $2.50
*Playwater $2.00
Spring Water (Small) $1.00
Spring Water (Large) $2.00
*Glee Fruit Juice $2.50
Fruit Cost
Seasonal Fruit (e.g apples, mandarins etc.) From $1.00


Hot Food GF Price
Fried Rice GF $4.00
Potato Bake GF $4.00
Lasagne $4.50
Macaroni & Cheese $4.00
*Chicken Nuggets (each) GF $0.70
*Potato Pie $3.50
*Mini Pies $1.50
*Pies (GF available, specify on order) $3.00
*Ham & Pineapple Pizza $3.20
*Sausage Rolls (GF available, specify on order) $2.50
*Spaghetti Bolognaise $4.50
*Dagwood Dog & Sauce $2.50
*Chicken Kebab $4.50
*Hot Chicken Roll (mayo or gravy) $4.50
*Hot Roast Beef Roll & Gravy $4.50
*Beef Sliders $3.00
*Meatball Sub $4.50
*Warm Apple Pie $2.00
Butter Chicken $4.00
Curried Sausages $4.00
Chicken Chips $2.00
Healthy Burger $4.00
*Sauce $0.30
Snack Foods GF Price
*Jelly $0.50
*Tubs of Fruit (Peaches/Two Fruits) GF $1.80
*Custard GF $1.50
*Butter Menthol & Eucalyptus Drops GF $0.50
Cheese Sticks GF $0.80
*Le Snacks $1.00
Pop Corn (Plain) GF $1.00
*Vege Chips GF $1.50
Smith’s Chips (Plain)/Grain Waves/Honey Soy $1.50
Choc Chip/Anzac/Double Choc Cookies $0.50
*Go Cookies $1.00
*Gingerbread Man $1.70
*Lamingtons $2.00
*Cupcakes $1.00
*Muffins $2.00
Ice Blocks GF Price
*Ice Blocks GF $1.00
*Frozen Yoghurt Tube GF $0.50
*Frozen Fruit Cups GF $1.00
*Frozen Yoghurt GF $2.00
Bulla Cups $1.00