Digital Technologies

Why Study Year 10 Digital Technologies?

The Year 10 course of study in Digital Technologies  will provide students the opportunity to gain the required knowledge and skills to continue their studies of this area in the Year 11 and 12 subjects of Information Processing and Technology (OP) and Information Technology Systems (OP).

Information Processing and Technology in Year 11 and 12 touches many aspects of human life and draws on and is applied to diverse fields of study such as mining, engineering, education or business. Students will develop skills in a procedural programming language and organising data within relational databases.

Through undertaking the practical discipline of Information Technology Systems in Year 11 and 12, students are prepared to respond to emerging technologies and information technology (IT) trends. Students develop the knowledge of, and skills in, the systems supporting IT. Systems range from those supporting the development of information, such as documents or websites, to those supporting technology, such as computers or networks.

More Information This is a new subject being offered for the first time in 2016 and course outlines are still being developed. For additional information on the types of units and assessment please refer to the following Year 11 & 12 Subjects: