Why Study Year 10 Science?

  • understand and appreciate the genetic make-up of humans and animals;
  • understand the nature of science as a human endeavour, its history, its relationship with other human endeavours and its contribution to society;
  • understand that scientific knowledge has been organised by the scientific community into disciplines based on recognisable patterns in the phenomena studied;
  • apply scientific knowledge to explain and predict events and to reconstruct their understandings of the physical and biological worlds;
  • use the practices and dispositions of scientific investigation, reflection and analysis to refine knowledge and pose new questions;
  • develop dispositions such as intellectual honesty and commitment to scientific reasoning;
  • use scientific language to communicate effectively;
  • use decision-making processes that include ethical considerations of the impact of science on people and the environment;
  • use the practices and dispositions of ‘working scientifically’ in all the disciplines of the scientific enterprise

Possible Career Options:

This course meets the requirements for entry to:

  • Australian Defence Force
  • Further TAFE Study

Course Overview

Year 10



  • Genetics
  • Chemistry – Ionic bonding and writing chemical equations
  • Environmental Science
  • Motion and Energy
  • Forensic Science

Types of Assessment


Folio of Work Sample

Multimodal Presentations

Scientific Report

Required Textbooks
  • Pearson Science 10 (2014)