Senior Phase

Our Aim

The Senior Phase of learning at Groves Christian College encompasses Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12. We see this as an extremely important time in the lives of our students as they prepare for life post-schooling. A student’s journey in the Senior Phase addresses their physical, emotional, spiritual and cognitive development. During these years, it is our desire to see students commit to a pathway that will equip them with the skills necessary to achieve their goals. Given the importance of these years, our relationship with families and carers continues to remain central as we guide and support the students. Such outcomes remain underpinned by a desire to see within our students a spirit of compassion and concern for others.

Our Method

Across the Senior Phase students will traditionally commit to one of two possible pathways:

A course of study intended to prepare students for traineeships, apprenticeships and full time work on completion of Year 12.

A course of study intended to prepare students for tertiary education on completion of Year 12.

A combination of courses is available following consultation with our Careers Advisor and Coordinator of Student Performance.

Year 10 allows students to experience a range of subjects according to their preferred pathway. Subjects across this year are assessed using standards and techniques similar to those that will be used in senior courses during Year 11 and 12. This approach ensures students are well developed in the skills necessary to succeed in their final years.

To support this approach, Senior Phase students are equipped to become independent learners who own their own pathway. We believe that these skills have become increasingly important for post-schooling work and education in the 21st century. This approach to learning is contextualised by our one-to-one laptop program, online course materials through Learner Link and specialist teachers. Such tools and resources are provided to facilitate guidance and focused tutorial sessions that cater to individual student needs. Students at Groves Christian College are equipped and prepared to understand how they best learn through a variety of methods.

To learn more about our pathway options and subject selection information please refer to the Subject Selection Handbook