Senior Learning Packages

Life & Work Skills

The Life and Work Skills Package is designed for students whose specific learning needs make learning a challenge. These students will have been identified in the Middle Phase and will possibly have been on an adjusted programme with learning support.

This is a practical learning package that equips students with life and work skills necessary for post schooling. Students work towards a Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement (QCIA) which recognises the achievements of students who are on individualised learning programs.

Students on this package choose in consultation with their careers and learning support from some of the following six curriculum organisers:

  • Areas of study and learning
  • Communication and technologies
  • Community, citizenship and the environment
  • Leisure and recreation
  • Personal and living dimensions
  • Vocational and transition activities

Students eligible for this package choose specific learning goals with core subjects and can undertake a VET course as a part of their learning.

Package Features

• Proposed Curriculum
• Learning Support
• QCIA Completion


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