Welcome to Groves Christian College

Since 1999 Groves Christian College has been working with families to make a values based, Christian education available to all who desire it. Our education fosters the spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, ethical, aesthetic and emotional development of the children and young people in our College.

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Volunteers Afternoon Tea

November 25 @ 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM


Upcoming Year 6 Mini-Fete

Throughout this term, the Year 6 students have been involved in a Project Based Learning activity titled “How can I make a difference in my world?” The funds generated by

Year 12 Final Week Events

Excitement is brewing within our 2019 Year 12 Cohort! Our Year 12 students have worked diligently throughout the year and are excited to finish their final exam block. Congratulations!

Year 12 Formal Celebration

Year 12 Families are invited to attend the pre-formal celebrations at Groves on Wednesday, November 13 at 4.30 pm. Students will meet at the Admin building at 4:20 pm and

Phantom of the Soap Opera

You are invited to the Year 12 Final Performance this Monday in the Drama room.  Please join us to celebrate all the hard work the Seniors have put in. Phantom

Upcoming Year 6 Big Day Out

To celebrate the end of an amazing 2019 for our Year 6 Students we are having a special break up day at Bounce, Tingalpa. It will be held on Thursday,

Upcoming Year 5 Robotics Incursion

On Wednesday, November 20, the Year 5 cohort will be engaging in an incursion focusing on developing the skills they learned in Technology in Term 3. Experts from Young Engineers

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