Transitioning through the Phases

Transitioning Through the Phases

Our Learning Journey

A major benefit of our K-12 College is that we understand and can support the learning journey students undertake throughout their schooling years. The Groves Learning Journey Phases are designed to cater for young children through to young adults.

Wonder & Develop
as a Groves Learner

Acquire & Explore
as a Groves Learner

Master & Expand
as a Groves Learner

Challenge & Refine
as a Groves Learner

Commit & Achieve
as a Groves Learner

Wondering how everything works leads the children into a range of learning opportunities expertly weaved together to make the introduction of early literacy and numeracy an everyday event. Children develop socially through rich interaction with educators and increasing interaction with peers. Acquiring the foundations of literacy, numeracy and successful learning habits through age appropriate activities. Exploring the learning connections between everyday experiences and structured knowledge through lively learning. Developing the ability to trust others and a hopeful resiliency to deal with the reality of life. Mastering the essentials. Expanding understanding deeper and wider into new areas of learning. Developing the discipline that comes from within that helps us to overcome and achieve success together as friends. Challenging self and the world to test beliefs and gifts to establish integrity, inner peace, and strength of character to serve others with grace and truth. Refining abilities and gaining knowledge proficiency. Understanding rights come with responsibilities. Committing to authentic adulthood pathways with a spirit of hope, adventure, and excellence. A fire within for compassion and justice towards others especially those who are marginalised. Achieving success in gaining qualifications and expertise.
Early Learning Phase Foundation Phase
Prep to Year 3
Intermediate Phase
Year 4 to Year 6
Middle Phase
Year 7 to Year 9
Senior Phase
Year 10 to Year 12
At Groves Early Learning Centre and Kindergarten At Groves Primary School At Groves Secondary School
Available through face to face day schooling and distance education schooling.