Our Aim

Brain research of early adolescence highlights that the environment in which a young person is situated in is one of the determining factors that shapes behaviour. This behaviour in turn impacts further brain development through and beyond these important teenage years.

At Groves we understand the importance of this stage of a young person’s development. This is why we have created our ‘Middle Phase’ not only to support our teenagers through this time of life but to challenge them to develop an attitude of always trying for their personal best.

It is our desire that students develop holistically, intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Our curricula and extra-curricular programs are created with this goal in mind. Students have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of learning experiences and activities at Groves Christian College in keeping with our vision of ‘Loving Hearts, Strong Minds’.

As Groves Learners, our Middle Phase students are supported to:

  • Challenge self and the world to test beliefs and gifts to establish integrity, inner peace, and strength of character to serve others with grace and truth.

  • Refine abilities and gain knowledge proficiency.

  • Understand that rights come with responsibilities.

Our Method

We seek to reassure our teenagers of their worth and value within a caring family, school community and church community. We remind the students of God’s promises (and blessings) so that as they explore self-identity and social groupings, they may do so with confidence. The students are encouraged to build up and support each other. This type of environment allows the students to gain a strong sense of belonging and acceptance as they navigate the many transitions of adolescence within the context of a caring Christian community. Our Christian Life lessons also equip students through their educational journey at Groves. At Groves Christian College we are all here to learn in a way that is responsible, respectful and safe. We have a focus on the 6P’s:

Excursions and Camps

Students enjoy a wide range of excursions during their time in Middle Phase. In Year Seven, students go away on an exciting adventure for four nights to Sydney and Canberra. In Year Eight, students participate in a camp that keeps them mentally and physically fit whilst they engage in a variety of team building activities, staying away for two nights. In Year Nine students head to Gympie for a 3 night camping adventure.

Team Sports

Middle Phase students are able to participate in inter-school sporting competitions. Some of the teams that leave Campus 1 each Tuesday include Netball, Basketball, Rugby League, Touch Football, Soccer, Futsal and Volleyball. Over the last few years Groves has enjoyed a high degree of success in several of these codes. Team building skills as well as skills for the sport are developed during these team activities.


Each week Middle Phase students have the opportunity to participate in clubs. One such club is Science, which offers our students a practical and fun means of putting scientific knowledge to use in the real world. Science club includes, but is not restricted to the following activities; growing sunflowers, kite building, building and flying radio controlled aircraft, Model construction, launching real rockets, constructing old world machinery such as catapults, trebuchets and cranes and conducting biological experiments. Science club is a rewarding, fun experience for those interested in chemistry, biology and physics!

Performance Opportunities

Our Secondary Choir has the Opportunity to take part in performances at events such as Easter service, the annual College ANZAC service, Beenleigh Eisteddfods, Groves annual Community Fair, Light of the World festival, Talent Shows, and College Awards Nights.