International Program

Groves enjoys welcoming students from all parts of the globe. Our International students are valued and are an integral part of our College community and we provide them a safe and enjoyable experience. Our school location is easily accessible and allows students to live in and enjoy the wider Brisbane region. We offer a large range of support services for study tours, study abroad and mainstream programs. Our International students appreciate our modern facilities, engaging lessons, extra curricular activities and our vibrant learning community.

From the first day I came to this school I thought the students who study at Groves are really friendly and kind. They try to spend a lot of time to play and chat with me. The lessons at Groves are interesting and the teachers communicate very well with the students. I really treasure all the moments at Groves.


I chose to study at Groves Christian College because the Christian education provides a disciplined environment and there are less Chinese in the school which gave me more chance to get in a local group. The teachers all show a good attitude to helping students and because of the Christian beliefs all the students respect each other and we did have a good time.

Yuhao Zhang

Students in Groves are so helpful and kind and I love this school very much.

Charis Leung

I love the school, school life is wonderful. This College is much more free than my school in Hong Kong. In Groves Christian College I learn a lot of things in fun lessons. I love a lot of things in this school including the students, teachers and the environment. All the teachers and students have good personalities and communication skills.

Cheng Chui

The teachers at Groves are so friendly, even teachers that don’t teach us care about us. Mr Chow, after every school day greets me nicely and I feel welcome here.

Chu Hiu Lim