International Student Enrolment Process

International Student Fee Schedule

Commencement of formal enrolment process
Contact Study Tour Australia, Sole Agent Consultant for Groves Christian College via email at

The following documents must accompany the application for enrolment:

  • Copies of student report cards from the previous two years of study, including a copy of the latest student report
  • A completed Reference Form from the student’s current or most recent School Principal is also required if student report cards do not record student behaviour or commitment to studies
  • Appropriate proof of identity and age
  • Written evidence of proficiency in English as a second language – please refer to our Entry Requirements Policy for information on accepted English testing scores
  • Photocopy or scanned copy of passport page with name, photo identification, passport number and expiry date
  • Enrolment Application Fee
    • Where documents are not in English, certified translations in English are required, with necessary costs to be met by the applicant.
    • An application for enrolment can only be processed when all of the above requirements have been met and all documentation has been received by the International Education Services Manager.

Please note the following:
Receipt of the International Student Application for Enrolment form does not necessarily guarantee entry into the College but is the commencement of the enrolment process.

Any Offer of a Place will be based upon the information provided by you during the enrolment process. In the event that any of this information is subsequently revealed to be inaccurate, false or misleading and the College was induced to make the offer based on the information, the College reserves the right to review the enrolment and may decide to withdraw the offer, or if it has been accepted, terminate the agreement.

If it transpires after enrolment that the education needs of a student are beyond the reasonable capacity of the College to meet, the College may review the enrolment in consultation with you.

Further, if an enrolled student’s behaviour fails to meet the standards of the College, in particular in relation to respect towards others, self-harm or harm to others, the College reserves the right to terminate the agreement.

An Enrolment Application form can be obtained by contacting Study Tour Australia via email –

We will consider the information you have provided to determine the educational needs and available resources before an offer is made.

  • Potential students may have to undertake testing to determine their language proficiency.
  • Students may be advised to undertake an intensive English language course before beginning mainstream studies.

Please note: An intensive English language course will be provided by an external provider. Study Tour Australia will be able to advise you on the process for an enrolment in this course.

  • Students wishing to enter the College below year 7 level will be assessed individually based on the contents of their report cards and personal references, and may also be required to undertake a language proficiency test set by the College.
  • Senior students (Year 10-12) will need a pathway proposal to be designed with the Pathways Coordinator.
Study Tour Australia will be able to advise you on this process, please contact them via email – Upon receipt of required information, an interview with the parent and child will be arranged. This process is preferable to take place face to face, but we understand that this is not possible in all cases. Should a face to face interview not be possible we will arrange a time to interview the child and parent via Skype or a Google Hangout.

The purpose of the interview is to discuss the suitability of the College, family and student to each other. We consider the following:

  • Education offerings and needs of the child
  • Shared values in regards to the ethos of the College
  • The commitment of the student to contribute positively to the College community

This interview provides all parties the opportunity to consider these aspects before entering into an educational partnership through a formal contract. Following the interview the College will determine if an enrolment placement will be offered. Likewise, parents will also be able to evaluate the College to determine if what the College offers is suitable for their family and the learning needs of their child.

Following the process detailed above the College will issue you with a receipt and an International Student Handbook along with information regarding your commencement date and a copy of the signed Written Agreement.

We would like to thank you for considering our College for your child’s education. Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our Sole Agent Consultant via email