Our Aim

We work with families to help our children achieve their personal best intellectually, spiritually, physically, socially, ethically, aesthetically and emotionally so that may enjoy a successful school life and full life of purpose now and into eternity beyond the classroom.

We desire to see our boys and girls develop loving hearts and strong minds for God. Loving hearts and strong minds for God expressed through a desire and capacity to serve others with a spirit of love that reflects strong positive life values, virtues and character traits (See our Vision Chart).

As Groves Learners, our Intermediate students enjoy a supportive and caring community to:

  • Master the essentials, including the literacy and numeracy skills gained through the Foundation Phase.

  • Expand their knowledge through a deeper and wider understanding of new areas of learning.

  • Develop the discipline that comes from within that helps us to overcome and achieve success together as friends.

Groves Intermediate Phase Students

Our Method

Character development, values virtues and traits, are formed over many years and through a variety of experiences. At our purpose built Intermediate Phase Campus (Groves Campus 2) our learning community is built around educational relationships combined with new and exciting events for the students. This expands the students’ horizons while providing a Biblical Christian worldview through which to evaluate these.

Core Literacy and Numeracy Development Continues

Students continue to develop their reading, speaking and writing skills. Increasingly students not only learn to read, but learn through reading. Problem solving drawing on the key mathematical concepts is a major part of the Mathematics program.

Arts, Health, Languages other than English and PE

Students engage in a broad curriculum that identifies and develops their gifts and talents beyond the core subjects.

Team Sports

Students are able to participate for the first time in interschool sporting competitions. Some of the teams that leave our beautiful grounds each Friday include Netball, Rugby League, Touch Football, Soccer, AFL and Softball. Over the last few years Groves has enjoyed a high degree of success in several of these codes. Many important life skills and friendships are developed during these team activities.

Learning beyond the school yard (Excursions and Camps)

Students enjoy a wide range of excursions during their time in Intermediate Phase. In Year Four, students go away for an overnight adventure to Underwater World where many actually get to sleep ‘under the sea’ of the aquarium displays. In Year Five, students get to taste ranch life where they ride horses and engage in a variety of team building activities, staying away for two nights.


Each week students participate in clubs. One such club is our choir that competes in eisteddfods and performs in a variety of settings across the campuses throughout the year. Few things are as lovely as the sound of children singing in tune together. The skilful addition of leads and harmonies turns a group of eight to twelve year olds into a choir that is both special and remarkable. Artistic events like this helps us appreciate the great variety of gifting and ability God has placed within the heart of His creation.

Other performance opportunities

Our students take part in performances at events such as our Community Fair, Awards Night, and Talent Shows.

Our vision is to see young men and women with loving hearts and strong minds for God graduate from Groves Christian College. Engaging in Intermediate Phase helps keep students along the right path (learning journey) towards developing to be everything God desires for our children.

Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”