Our Aim

We work with families to help our children establish solid foundations for a lifelong love of learning. These include Academic, Social, Emotional, Ethical, Physical and Spiritual foundations that form the building blocks of a successful school life and full life of purpose now and into eternity beyond the classroom.

As Groves Learners, our students enjoy a supportive and caring environment to:

  • Acquire the foundations of literacy, numeracy and successful learning habits through age appropriate activities.

  • Explore the learning connections between everyday experiences and structured knowledge through lively learning.

  • Develop the ability to trust others and a hopeful resiliency to deal with the reality of life.

Our Method

Helping children develop the ability to share in our learning community and become equipped for their further learning is important to us.

Children begin formal classroom learning in Foundation Phase. Teachers implement a range of teaching and learning strategies with personalised and age-appropriate expectations to cater to the needs of their students. Children engage in collaboration, inquiry and problem-solving across the key learning areas to enhance their skills and understanding. Helping students develop their literacy and numeracy skills is a major focus in Foundation Phase. Developing positive life values based on the lessons we learn from God’s loving message is a daily undertaking in Foundation Phase.

Another special feature in Foundation Phase is our exciting range of events which connect learning with positive memorable experiences within our learning community. Grandparents Day, Groves Community Fair, Learning Journey conferences, Under Eights Day, Awards Night, and special Culmination Days are just a few of the memorable events our students participate in.

We value the partnership between families and the College, and it is deeply rewarding to see students taking pride and ownership in their educational progress. Thank you to all the families of Foundation Phase students for sharing with us in the education of your child. Our vision is to see young men and women with loving hearts and strong minds for God graduate from Groves Christian College. These foundational years set our students on the right path towards these goals.