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We are looking forward to the upcoming Year 4 Camp, which will be happening in Term 4. This year our camp will include a new venue, as our previous venue is no longer able to accommodate our full student and parent cohort. While this has been an enjoyable camp activity in past years, it is important to us that the Year 4 camp include students and parents, and this is possible now with a different structure and location.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that the Year 4 camp for 2019 will be held at a local camp site, CYC Burleigh and the students will spend the day at Sea World participating in many exciting activities. With the updated venue we also have an updated date for families, of Monday, October 28 to Tuesday, October 29 of Week 4 of Term 4. This will be a week earlier in the term than the original dates, so please update your printed Groves calendars to reflect the new camp dates.

Further information will follow next term, including student camper information and parent volunteer information. Please note that parent participation is still limited due to the venue capacity and associated program restrictions. Attending parents will also need to contribute part of the cost for their attendance at this event, and must be able to contribute to group activities within the program.

We believe this new camp venue and program will be educational and enjoyable for our students, and an excellent first ‘away’ camp for our Year 4 students. If you have any questions about the event or the forms when they are distributed, please feel free to contact the Administration or your class teacher.

Arlene Moodley
Year 4 Team Leader