Distance Education Enrolment & Fees

Enrolment Process

1. First Contact

We welcome and promote general enquires from families regarding enrolments throughout the year. Families within travelling distance are encouraged to visit and familiarise themselves with the opportunities available through our Distance Education School at Groves Christian College.

Groves Distance Education has students enrolled from all over Queensland and provides opportunities to come together for social events and learning experiences.

Families need to commit to the College in the following ways:

  • educationally, by being an active partner in the education of their children,
  • be familiar with the Standard of Service,
  • engaging in learning and submitting assessments by due dates,
  • keeping open communication with teacher and College staff,
  • making time available for teacher contact,
  • keeping us informed of any changes in contact details,
  • financially, in the timely payment of school fees.


Students need to:

  • commit to their studies, cooperate with their parents (as home educators), do their best and work with their teacher.


2. Submission of an Enrolment Application
(commencement of formal enrolment process)

Documentation required to be provided by you include:

  • application of Enrolment Form,
  • child’s birth certificate (copy) [other official documents may be used if no birth certificate is available: please consult us.],
  • recent reports and educationally relevant documentation,
  • diagnostic Test,
  • please note; the application includes a Government required Standard Data Collection common to all Australian schools.
The Application does not guarantee entry into the College but starts the enrolment consideration process.


Enrolment Form Enrolment Checklist 2019 Fee Schedule
Applications can be forwarded to: The registrar, Groves Christian College, PO Box 27, Kingston QLD 4114 or submitted by email: de.registrar@groves.qld.edu.au


3. Enrolment Consideration Process

We will consider the information you have provided to allow the families and the College to determine educational needs and available resources before an offer is made.

  • Potential students have to undertake testing so that the student’s educational needs may be audited along with a review of report cards etc
  • Depending on results or the information contained in the application, some students may be required to undergo further testing before their enrolment application can proceed
  • In some situations external consultant reports may be required. Families may incur costs gaining these reports
  • Senior Students (Year 10-12) will need a SET Plan


Enrolment Process

4. Formal Interview with a Senior Staff Member

Once enough information is available for us to determine the educational needs of the proposed student, an interview with the family will be arranged via phone or in person, depending on their availability.

The purpose of the interview is to discuss the suitability of the College, Family and Student to each other. We consider the:

  • educational offerings and needs of the children,
  • shared values in regards to the ethos of the College,
  • financial, social and cooperation commitment of parents to the College,
  • the commitment of the student to contribute positively to the College community while attending DE/Day School Events,
  • the arrangement to facilitate home education,
  • questions arising from the Standard of Service.

The discussion gives all parties the opportunity to consider these aspects before entering to an educational partnership through a formal contract. Following the interview, the College will determine if an enrolment placement will be offered. Likewise, parents will also be able to evaluate the College to determine if what the College offers is suitable for their family and the learning needs to their children.

5. Notification

Following the interview, the College will notify you to confirm if a placement is offered or not.

Securing a Placement

To secure any offer of placement, the family will need to:

  • submit a signed enrolment contract with our College,
  • submit other required documents (e.g. Medical, Birth Certificate),
  • pay the balance of fees.


6. Final Steps

Following these actions the College will issue you with a receipt and information letter letting you know the next steps, including commencement date and a copy of the signed enrolment contract.

We would like to thank you for considering our College for your child’s education. Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the Registrar on (07) 3380 5883 or email de.registrar@groves.qld.edu.au