Each year we invite our families from Prep to year 9 to the ‘Big Day Out’. This year we went to Dreamworld. These days are amazing, as we have an opportunity to connect and learn more about our students and families as well as our students get to experience an excursion, just like day school.

It was a cool yet overcast day with a slight drizzle for our Big Day Out to Dreamworld. Some brave students opted to go on the Dreamworld thrill rides, including the newest ride Steel Taipan, while others determined to keep both feet firmly on the ground explored the animal enclosures and Tiger Island. We were lucky enough to walk up to each ride with short lines, which meant we got to visit many of the rides and attractions in the time we had. Many commented that the highlight of the day was the Tiger show, where we got an up-close look at these beautiful animals.

Students participated in an Educational Talk which focused on Koalas. This was an exclusive behind-the-scenes educational talk with Dreamworld trainers and staff. We learnt a lot of new and interesting facts about Koala’s and their habitats as well as their behaviours in the wild.

Overall, the Big Day Out at Dreamworld was an enjoyable and thrilling experience, providing students, families and staff with memories that can be cherished for years to come.


Nicole Quak
Distance Education Manager