On Monday 4 – Wednesday 6 September, the Year 5 students went on a fun-filled 3-day camp at CYC Burleigh on the Gold Coast.

The students participated in a variety of beach activities offsite, which included; raft building, tubing, initiative games, body boarding and the amazing race. The students had a FABULOUS time and spoke highly of the activities, the instructors, the staff and their peers. The one thing they weren’t overly excited about were the long walks to each activity. Every now and again, one would hear groans from the odd student, but it was always balanced out by the conversation they got to have with their friends, and from the joy of participating in the fun-filled activities on the beach.

The evenings were fun too. Students had a short time relaxing with friends, before dinner and the structured activities took place. These activities were run by the very capable staff at CYC Burleigh.

Students raved about their time at camp, both daytime and night time activities were engaging and fun.

“The best part of camp was raft building, because it took a long time to build, but once it was completed, it was sturdy enough for us to play on it.” – Zane

“My favourite part about camp was tubing because I hadn’t done it before, and I got to experience it with my friends. Casey our instructor was nice, and he let us choose the speed, my favourite speed was extra fast aka maximum speed!” – Mara

Camp was so much fun, but we acknowledge that it would not have been possible without the help of so many people…

We want to thank:

  • All the parents and caregivers for preparing their children with the necessary equipment and for encouraging them to ‘have a go’ at all the activities.
  • The students for actively participating in all tasks and persevering through challenges.
  • The CYC instructors for their continual support and expertise, but also to the CYC chefs, who not only provided us with nutritious food, but absolutely delectable dishes!
  • The staff at Groves Christian College for their commitment to running a safe and enjoyable camp, especially Mr Marsh, Mrs Juillard, Mrs Hemblyn and Ms Angelos for coming in to support the Year 5 teaching team.
  • An extra special thanks, goes out to Mrs Crouch for organising all the personal medication and general first aid kits for all the staff and students, her help and support was invaluable!

To everyone who contributed to make the Year 5 Camp in 2023 such a huge success… we thank you all and bless you in Jesus’ name!

Toreka Brain Head of Phase (Years 5-6)