Executive Principal Welcome.

At Groves, we help our students to enjoy a full life now, and into eternity through developing their gifts and talents to serve and positively influence others. Our education is designed to help students discover the truth about God, themselves, people and the world. This equips and inspires our students to be better prepared to serve their families, communities, country and the wider world, to God’s glory and for the wellbeing of others.

My prayer is that in partnership with family life and for many church life, our children and young people will be well served by being educated in our Christian learning community. A community where: life enriching beliefs and values, academic rigour, practical skill development, and high expectations combined with caring support, will enable students to make right choices now and into the future.

Choices that will enable them to enjoy a blessed life as they live God inspired, purposeful, fulfilled, loving lives now and into eternity. I know this is what my wife, Julie, and I want for our own children; this is why in addition to family life and church life, we selected Groves for our own children. I welcome your interest in our learning community. I invite you to join us.

God bless,

Allan Weir
Executive Principal