We value your child’s education

We understand that our students will be best placed to succeed when an effective support network exists through family and staff partnerships. A number of key roles exist to support students during their schooling years. Teachers can be contacted via groves@groves.qld.edu.au

Esther Pratt Director of Distance Education
Susan Hindle Head of Primary School
James van Gelderen Head of Secondary School
Fiona Burgos Community Officer
Marilyn Zietsch Registrar
Dan McComber Head of Teaching & Learning (Middle Phase)
Rene Nieuwoudt Head of Teaching & Learning (Senior Phase)
Jane Thornton Careers Advisor
Sheryl Bergel Secondary Teacher
Bianca Quinn Secondary Teacher
Melissa Dalton Secondary Teacher
Jennifer Takada Secondary Teacher
Allison Hartin Secondary Teacher
Jenny Tiller Primary Teacher
Julia Horn Primary Teacher
Kristine Phipps Primary Teacher