Our Mission

Our mission is to engage, equip and challenge students to live God inspired, purposeful, fulfilled, loving lives now and into eternity by being a learning community that is committed to:


E – Expecting high standards of all through drawing forth & raising up the best in our students.
D – Developing for all a spirit of hope & excellence through grace and truth.
U – Unified & active participation from all in a spirit of fellowship.
C – Compassion & justice towards others especially those who are marginalised.
A – Affordability for families as a financially sound not-for-profit College in partnership with like-minded supportive families & students who positively contribute.
T – Teaching that engages, equips, challenges & inspires across various modes of education to cater for the needs of families & students.
I – Investing in ongoing improvement through research, innovation, and training.
O – Operating with a spirit of excellence to reflect Gospel values in all that we undertake.
N – Noble motives & patterns of thought that upholds what is good, right & true.