Jeff Sorensen
Male Chaplain

Our Chaplain is Mr Jeff Sorensen. Jeff’s Chaplaincy qualifications and passion for his job equip him to assist students to reach their full potential. He is a genuine, caring Christian, whose aim is to provide necessary pastoral and spiritual support to students in need. Their wellbeing is his focus. He works closely with the teachers and other support staff at Groves. In his role he can provide referrals to outside support services when required.

Ellen Watters
Female Chaplain

Our female chaplain is Ellen Watters. After completing her degree at Christian Heritage College, Ellen joined Jeff in 2014 to complete our pastoral care team. Her passion for children and youth is evident through her interactions with the students. Ellen loves going on school camps, playing in the playground at lunchtime and sharing the joys and struggles of life with others. Her faith in God plays a huge role in her life and the way she lives her life.

Campus Chaplains

Groves Christian College provides chaplaincy and student welfare services. Part of these services is provided under the funding of the Australian Government’s National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program.  The aims of this program are to support the spiritual, social and emotion wellbeing of the students at our College.  The Chaplain provides an opportunity for students to seek individual support, and also assists in organising programs within the College with the aim of supporting all students. Engagement with the chaplaincy services provided by the Australian Government’s National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program is on a voluntary basis.  At Groves, the work of the chaplain is closely linked to the work of other support structures within our school in areas such as student management.  Our chaplain is also able to refer students and families to other agencies where appropriate.

If families don’t wish for their child to have access to chaplaincy services under the Australian Government’s National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program, they should notify their Head of School in writing.  If a student or parent wishes to raise a concern regarding the funded chaplaincy program, they should report this though the College complaints handling procedure. The College consults parents via the community briefings and other surveys to ensure there is an ongoing endorsement for funded chaplaincy services at Groves.