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Year 1 Mathematics Investigators!


This week Year 1 students have been very creative in their investigations of the number facts strategies: rainbow facts, turnarounds, doubles and near doubles, count on one and count on two, count

Year 1 Mathematics Investigators!2020-05-29T14:49:00+10:00

Week 6 Senior Phase DE Reflection


We had an excellent turn out at the Secondary Study day, this past, Wednesday, May 27, with a number of students taking advantage of one-on-one support with their teachers and trainers in

Week 6 Senior Phase DE Reflection2020-05-29T14:35:34+10:00

Meet our Campus 1 First Aid & Administration Officer


As the campus 1 First Aid & Administration Officer, I provide assistance to students who require ongoing medical support and provide care to those who experience illness or injury at school. During

Meet our Campus 1 First Aid & Administration Officer2020-05-28T20:21:15+10:00

Staying Active in Middle Phase Games


As we move into face to face teaching, restrictions and processes are still part of our College. We are encouraging our students to stay active. All sporting games and interschool sport are

Staying Active in Middle Phase Games2020-05-28T11:11:34+10:00

Upcoming School Photos


The school photos have been re-scheduled and will now be in Week 10 of Term 2. Intermediate and Senior Phases on Monday, June 22 Foundation and Middle Phases on Thursday June 25

Upcoming School Photos2020-05-28T11:58:13+10:00

Middle Phase Premier’s Reading Challenge 2020


We are excited to announce that we have registered for the Premier’s Reading Challenge 2020. With all of our Middle Phase students already avidly reading, this Challenge perfectly complements our current reading

Middle Phase Premier’s Reading Challenge 20202020-05-27T20:35:44+10:00

DE Middle Phase Week 5 Reflection


This term DE students in Middle Phase have been completing a Health and Physical Education unit. Year 7 students have been completing weekly fitness challenges, while the Year 8 and Year 9

DE Middle Phase Week 5 Reflection2020-05-28T15:34:59+10:00

Assistance Dogs on Campus


Please be advised, for the safety of our students, staff and community members, dogs and other animals (other than local wildlife) are not permitted on college grounds except for Assistance Dogs (or

Assistance Dogs on Campus2020-05-21T08:20:12+10:00

Prop Making in Middle Phase


In forward planning for our upcoming musical, students have been using their lunch breaks to create underwater creatures. They are using recycled materials from old office folders, watercolours and watered down PVA

Prop Making in Middle Phase2020-05-19T10:27:33+10:00

Paper Circuit Art in Year 7 Arts and Technology


In our Art and Technology class we have been creating paper circuit artworks. The students have designed and created an artwork incorporating a light. They then built a circuit using adhesive copper

Paper Circuit Art in Year 7 Arts and Technology2020-05-21T12:36:50+10:00
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