On Friday May 24, the Year 10 students were given an opportunity to do some career ‘window-shopping’ at the Brisbane Careers and Employment Expo. Students were asked to reflect on their time at the expo and these are some responses.

Besides getting ‘free stuff’, it was encouraging to see many students engaged well at the expo, speaking to various industry experts/career advisors regarding their areas of interest.

  • Students who are interested in arts spoke to people in the ‘Signs and Print’ businesses about graphic design.
  • Students who are interested in careers with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) spoke to the ‘Army guys’ and realised they need strong grades in English, Mathematics and Science to apply for certain jobs, or enter tertiary courses within the ADFA.
  • Students who are interested in university studies spoke to student ambassadors from various universities and realised they have alternative options if they don’t get their desired ATAR.

Students found the expo very insightful and commented it was a ‘fun day out’. One consistent feedback we received from students was their increased confidence in their future career/pathways, as they gained clarity to what pathways may lead to achieving their goals – or where to seek help if/when they need it.

We would like to praise the Year 10 cohort for their excellent behaviour throughout the excursion. They represented Groves Christian College very well and we are very proud of them.

Rene Nieuwoudt
Head of Senior Studies