The school trip to Adelaide was an exciting and enriching experience for all involved, with a dual purpose of visiting Blakes Christian College and celebrating the Middle Phase College Captains for their outstanding leadership this year. Departing from Brisbane in the early hours of Thursday, October 19th, and returning late on Friday, October 20th, the trip was short but incredibly fulfilling. The students embraced their role of serving the school community by delivering an engaging salvation skit to the primary school students, offering valuable support in technology and history skills to the year 2 and year 5 classes, and sharing their inspirational leadership journey with the year 7-9 students at GCC. The adventure also included a plethora of memorable experiences, from enjoying priority lounge meals and fine dining in restaurants, to comfortable hotel accommodation. Exploring the city of churches, attending a mesmerizing Chinese lantern parade, a fun day at the beach, and the highlight of all, an afternoon spent at the renowned Adelaide Zoo, made this trip a truly unforgettable and character-building experience for all.

Kim Piercey
Head of Students