Thank you to all the families, both DE and Day School who shared their thoughts and suggestions in our 2023 Parent and Carer Survey. We were grateful to receive an increase in the quantity of feedback this year from our families, and appreciated the thoughtful responses that were shared in the survey.

The input from families will be deeply considered by College Leaders for our review and improvement efforts. Since the survey in 2022, we implemented the following:• Extra-curricular activities: in 2023 additional clubs or academy options have been introduced, especially in the Intermediate years to complement interschool sports schedules.• Prep-Year 2 playgrounds: consultation for the new playground has concluded with a building plan now in final stages for 2024 construction.• Student leadership programs: additional leadership activities and roles were introduced in 2023, including new designated leadership training days for student leaders.

From the 2023 survey, it was encouraging to hear that families in our College community appreciate the following:• Strong Christian ethos, morals and atmosphere at the school.• Welcoming and supportive community.• Christian teachers and staff, resulting in Christian teaching and gospel focus in learning.• Enjoyable events for DE and Day, such as camps, excursions, special chapels, carnivals and clubs.• Affordable fee design inclusive of a wide range of learning opportunities.• Good infrastructure, resources and facilities.

As in previous years, it has been a helpful and enjoyable process to review the parent and carer feedback. I personally value the experience families share, and the genuine partnership made possible through the home-school cooperation at Groves. If you missed the opportunity to contribute to the survey but have a point of concern to raise with the College, please consider making your experience known to the appropriate staff so we can continue to work together in the vision of Groves.

God bless,

Susan HindleHead of College