“Groves have done it!” After many narrow losses and draw plus heartache in the last few years, the junior boys won the Citipointe invitational at last.


It was a sunny day and plenty of excitement awaited. The junior girls were there to play, had fun, and developed their skills. As this year we have seen many year 7 girls join the academy under the coaching of Naomi Walker who has patiently and enthusiastically introduced them to the game of football. There was plenty to learn but most importantly, they tried their best, and did their best as representatives of the College.


For the boys, there was a lot of pressure to compete well especially for themselves to perform at their highest level. The first two games against Brisbane Christian College and Citipointe ended with 0-0 even though they owned majority of possessions. The boys eventually scored 2 goals against BCC in a 2-0 win, but Citipointe was at the top coming to the last game of the day.


The game was a very tight tussle and the pressure was on as Groves had to win the game to take the trophy home. It was 2-2 up until the last minute and ending at a draw would mean finishing second overall. We had almost given up hope to finish on top when a free kick with 25 seconds to go was awarded to Groves. Groves player #10 took the free kick as the ball sailed through the air and like a slow-motion replay, it got past the keeper’s outstretched hand and into the top corner. It was the last play of the game finishing on a closing score of 3-2 with Groves as the champions!


Kenneth Chow Football Academy Coach