Term 3 has been a wonderful time in Chapels at Groves Christian College. This term, I have personally witnessed a fresh desire from students all over the College to grow in their love for God and their faith in following Him.

In Secondary there have been many highlights. We have restarted our strong connection with the Gideon’s organisation after a COVID hiatus, who generously brought in Bibles for all our Secondary students. It was truly heartwarming to witness so many eager students, each diving into their newly acquired little red New Testaments with genuine enthusiasm.

If you are among the remarkable parents who come along to our Foundation chapel on Fridays, you would be aware of the sea of joyous and exciting children who are singing praises to our God. In particular, it was amazing to see so many dads come to the Father’s Day chapel. It was great to honour the work that you do as parents and to remember the great joy that our Heavenly Father has given us. I want to acknowledge the incredible work of all the Primary staff who make chapels so enjoyable and enriching for our Foundation and Intermediate students.

Back to Secondary, there have been several Bible study groups which have started this term at breaktimes. Many students have been flocking to join them. On the first day of my Bible study for Secondary boys I was amazed by the number of Year 7 boys who joined, who had heard from their friends and wanted to join because they were filled with a desire to grow in their faith. It is a weekly highlight for me, to meet with them and learn more together about our great God.

Looking ahead to next term, Christmas is just around the corner! Stay posted for more news about how we will be celebrating the birth of our Saviour this year.

Josiah Vaughan
Director of Faith