On Thursday of week 2 we were privileged to have, Queensland Police Officer, Ethan come and speak with the secondary students about a key issue of online safety. He also shared his story about his journey through difficult circumstances earlier in his life to become a police officer with the goal to help people make better choices.

In the ThinkUKnow presentation Ethan explained the big problem in our community of people being blackmailed and extorted online after making poor choices in what they post or share online. To help prevent this he equipped students with the knowledge of what things to consider before posting or sharing anything online, and what should never be shared. One big thing was for students not to talk to students online who they do not know and have never met in person, or share any personal images with anyone online. Ethan related how in the majority of cases that have been faced by students, the hardest step was to tell a trusted adult. Therefore having clear communication with our students around technology use can help make that first step easier.

I encourage you as college families to engage with your students to have conversations about this and be aware of what your student is participating in via their phone and social media platforms. If you do have concerns and would like further information about what you can do to support your child there is a wealth of resources on the ThinkUKnow website:

Caleb Hugman
Head of Students