Exciting things are happening in Primary
As we near the end of the term, it is very apparent that there is an atmosphere of excitement in the learning that is taking place. It is good to see students happy and excited to come to school – not just to meet with their friends, but also enthusiastic about their learning.

Our Prep students continue to make big steps with their reading skills, which are enhanced through sight word and home reading practice, which compliments the practical learning of sounds through “The Literacy Collective” (TLC) literacy program.

Our Year One students have been creating dioramas as part of their Integrated Studies and Technology Studies to create restaurants and menus.

Our Year Two students have continued to develop their writing skills by practising being authors – focusing on narrative story writing.

Our Year Three students have created their own ‘Rocky Road’ as part of their investigation into Science topics of Heat and Melting.

Our Year Four students were excited about Science – learning about sustainability. This was linked to their HASS studies about local government. Students were able to practice creating their own laws to support the local community.

Our Year Five students became super sleuths and investigated a ‘crime scene’ where a famous artwork had been stolen from the Louvre Art gallery in Paris. The students had to investigate the clues and suspects to determine who was the thief.

Our Year Six students have been busily preparing themselves for the upcoming annual Winter Ball by learning different styles of dance. Families of Year 6 students are invited to watch the Year 6 students arrive at the Winter Ball, held in the MPC on Campus 1, and watch their students present the official Winter ball dance. There may also be an opportunity at the close of the night for families to join in with a special dance with their Year 6 student. The teachers, students and I are looking forward to this opportunity to dance, have dinner together and meet the Secondary school leaders.

This week we have also seen students participate in our Intermediate Athletics carnival. It has been good to see our students continue to strive for their own personal best and enjoy the sunshine.

Please encourage your children to share the positives of each day of learning here at Groves.

Adam Marsh
Head of Primary School