Most families will be familiar with the values, virtues and character traits our community aspires to develop in our students. The traits are listed on our website under Our Vision and aligned with actions and dispositions.

For parents and carers entrusted with the wellbeing and development of your children, there is a personal challenge in nurturing and fostering these traits. Teachers and College staff take on partnership with families in this challenge, and together we aim to guide students towards hopeful futures which fulfil God-given purposes.


All the virtues listed have importance, however it is timely to reflect on the significance of the first value listed, Hope. International news reports can bring great sadness, particularly in the news from Texas this week. In our own nation and community there are more local tragedies and hardships which affect our personal reserves of hope. Within the ‘hope’ virtue of the College Vision, the dispositions of Inner-peace, Humility and Confidence can seem unachievable in our own strength. It is reassuring therefore that our hope does not rely on our personal strength. Rather, the Bible reminds us: Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful. (Hebrews 10.23).

There can be specific seasons in schooling that require careful navigation. The College has mechanisms to help with some of these situations, and through ongoing partnership we hope to work together through such difficulties to maintain hopefulness. If your child is experiencing challenge in these areas, please consider the supports accessible at the College:

  • Emotional – welfare staff at the College, such as chaplain, counsellor or other pastoral staff
  • Academic – make contact with teachers as they can give specific advice and suggest resources or connections with learning support
  • Social or interpersonal – inform teachers, coordinators or Heads of House or consider the Anti-Bullying Procedure
  • Safety – in coming weeks we will have our usual safety drills (Fire and Lockdown drills), however if your children have concerns around their personal safety, please remind them of the Student Safety Boxes (near First Aid on each Campus), or to consider speaking with Student Safety Team members advertised in our foyers and student information boards around the College.

Thank you for your ongoing support of your students and the College, as we partner together to equip for life and Educate for Eternity.

Susan Hindle
Head of Quality Schooling