Last Thursday our students participated in the Junior (Year 7/8) and Senior (Year 11/12) divisions of the CSSAQ Volleyball Tournament at Carrara Sports Complex. The students enjoyed the large-scale competition with an opportunity to verse many other competitive Christian schools. Teams were also responsible for refereeing and scoring other matches and each student did so with pride, respect and integrity for all opposition teams.

Our Junior Boys A team was particularly successful, winning every set and taking out first place overall. Our Senior Girls A team finished 4th overall and our Senior and Junior Girls B teams, made up of many new players, improved significantly throughout the day.

Congratulations and thank you to each and every student who participated in this tournament. This week we look forward to our Boys teams versing Woodridge in the Logan District Play Offs. For further information regarding Sports Academies please keep up to date via the App or enquiring at Secondary Student Services.

Anamieka Jones
Volleyball Academy Coach