Groves students have today acknowledged the service and sacrifice of those who have been involved in wartime conflicts by marking Remembrance Day across the College.

From Prep to Year 12, all students learned about the significance of 11-11, November 11, including the symbolism of the poppy which bloomed over the sites where soldiers gave their lives. Secondary students shared a short chapel to mark this important day and Primary students shared topical activities in their classes to learn about armistice and the sacrifice others have made for peace. The powerful words of In Flanders Fields were also shared with students old enough to engage with the concepts of memorial and remembrance, developing their understanding of the toll of war.

Both campuses observed reflection to the traditional remembrance tunes of the Ode, Last Post, and the Rouse, with a minute of silence and contemplation at 11am. We thanked God for the protection we have at this time and pray that others experiencing conflict will see peace.

Susan Hindle

Head of Quality Schooling