Working in live event production is a thrill. Despite hours spent planning and re-planning, checking and double-checking, designing, and weather-watching, there are hundreds of things that can go wrong. Hardware can fail, storms can come out of nowhere, and blackouts occur. As the saying goes, “The show must go on”. Production crew are the resilient, determined, and solutions-focused team that makes sure the show can still happen when things malfunction (without the audience ever suspecting). From my experience working in productions I know that if you’re at an event and someone wearing black is running, something has gone seriously wrong!

This year students have had the opportunity in Arts Academy to learn about working as an event production crew. Roles at a standard event include Technical Director, Audio Operator, Lighting Operator, Playback Operator, Camera Director, Camera Operator, Stage Manager, and Stage Hand. To properly understand any one of these roles takes years, and even longer to perfect. With continued hard work each student will be able to effectively operative in at least one of these positions, even running school events such as weekly chapels, musicals, and award evenings. Our student team in Arts Academy have made great progress in their event skills this year and supported many significant events alongside College staff such as myself who run these systems. Congratulations to our capable and committed team for their growth throughout the year, and their generosity with their time as they prepare to support one of the bigger technical events for the year, the Primary Musical.

Billy Woods
Audio Visual Technician