Year 5 have had a fabulous time attending camp down at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast! The students participated in problem solving and team building activities such as raft building and dragon boating, as well as some more fun and unique experiences like leather work and body boarding. The camp’s theme was ‘Self-Awareness’, and each of the teachers are so proud of the way that students overcame adversities and worked together to smash through goals while they were away! Each of the students have had a wonderful time and each have a different favourite part of camp:

  • ‘Body boarding, because most of the waves I caught were from the waist deep right up to the red and yellow flags’ – Loralie
  • ‘Eating- because I really liked the food!’ – Nehemiah
  • ‘My favourite thing at camp was raft building because we had to use teamwork and our raft actually manage to float!’ – Amos
  • ‘The best thing about the camp for me was raft building because we had to work as a team and we did really well listening to other’s ideas and doing different parts to help out’ – Hannah
  • ‘My favourite part of camp was when we went body boarding. It was so much fun swimming in the ocean and riding the waves to shore’ – Misi
  • ‘Dragon boating was awesome because we all rowed out to a small island and swam with some little fish. Then we got back in the boat and returned to shore’ – Zahara
  • ‘Getting to know others in my cabin’ – Izra
  • ‘Dragon boating was fun. I liked how we used teamwork!’ – Amethyst

Please view some images by clicking through the gallery below.

Cherise Grigg
Year 5 Team Leader

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