Welcome back to the final school term of 2020! Our Year 10 cohort has gone through a multitude of challenges this year and are to be commended for their general commitment to striving to maintain a sense of normality and academic or extra-curricular success.

With Senior Phase Awards evening coming up in week 3, Year 10 students are required to be dressed in full formal uniform, including blazers. If there are any issues concerning this, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Additionally, this term will have very short turnaround deadlines for student assessment; in particular, the Year 10 Term 4 Assessment Block will be occurring from Friday, November 13 to Friday, November 20. If your child is demonstrating any signs concerning fatigue or stress, please encourage them to be in contact with their classroom teachers, trainers or their Student Wellbeing Coordinator.

Myles Vele
Secondary Wellbeing Coordinator