Our little budding musicians continue to impress us as they make progress through their personal musical journeys. In Prep classes, students employ their developing ability of keeping the beat by tapping a bordun (a simple musical accompaniment) on a bass xylophone while singing a variety of early childhood songs. They have also explored a plethora of musical textures as they scraped the guiro, hit the vibra slap, shook the bells and much more.

The Year 1 students continue to develop their ability to listen and notate melodies and rhythms using Kodaly’s stick notation (a simplified musical notation designed for children to write music). They then apply this knowledge to play diatonic / tri-tonic songs (songs with only 2/3 pitches) in an Orff ensemble. The music these little musicians produce in class is amazing!

Year 2 students have learned to listen and notate the full Pentatonic Scale (a 5-note scale with only major 2nd and minor 3rd intervals). As their musical vocabulary of notes and rhythms expand, they perform increasingly complex music. In this final term, they will even compose their own melodies for well-known nursery rhymes. We look forward to be blown away by the compositions of our young composers!

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Justin Goh
Music and Chinese Teacher

Prep D