In order to ensure student safety within our College we have a School Crossing Supervisor. Their role in the school community is to ensure that the students who cross the road at the children’s crossing do so in a safe manner.  Children crossing flags are displayed near crossings around schools before and after school hours when children are crossing the road. A children’s crossing may be supervised.

School crossing supervisors use a hand-held stop sign to stop traffic and allow children to cross the road safely. When the children’s crossing flags are on display, you must stop at the stop bars and give way to any pedestrians on or entering the crossing (regardless of whether a crossing supervisor is present or not).

You must wait until all pedestrians have crossed the road and the crossing supervisor has returned to the footpath. If you need to stop or park (picking up or dropping of passengers) your vehicle must be no closer than 20 metres on the approach side and 10 metres on the departure side of the crossing. These “NO STOPPING” areas are clearly marked with a no stopping sign.

Remember, road safety is everybody’s business!

Katie Rofeta and Ashwina Milburn
Head of Secondary and Head of Primary