The Year 12s have finished their assessment block and are busy revising or working through their certificate assessments for Term 4. As we approach the holidays we’ve reminded the students of the importance of planning their time intentionally and to study diligently as well as have some rest to prepare for the term ahead. Next term will be filled with an intense work load as well as opportunities to celebrate their achievements. It is important that our Year 12 students continue to hold high expectations of themselves and not celebrate too early, but continue to motivate themselves to finish strong.

Information regarding Pre-Formal, Awards night, Year 12 Celebration Day, Graduation and other events will be released early next term . We are looking forward to partnering with families to celebrate our Year 12’s.

All Senior Phase students have been reminded to check over their uniform, book a hair cut as needed over the holidays to ensure they are presentable and ready for the start of Term 4. If your child is unsure about any uniform expectation please refer to the Presentation Policy and Uniform Code found in the Parent/Student handbook or contact the Year Level Coordinator. A copy has been included for your perusal.

Secondary Personal Presentation & Uniform Code

Rachel Spiers
Head of Students – Senior Phase