Year Twelve is getting closer for our current Year 11 students!  Order forms for senior jerseys were emailed out to the Year 11 cohort last term. Students can use the size guide on the form to select their size. Campus 1 administration office also has samples to try for size if you are visiting the college.  The order forms need to be returned to campus 1 administration by Thursday, August 13, with full payment.

Students can choose either their first or last name to be printed on to the back of their jersey. Any variation on this needs to be approved by the year coordinator. It would be best to gain this approval before putting in the form so that changes do not have to be made. The jerseys are a useful addition to the sports school uniform, and one that can be worn with casual wear for years to come.

Attached below is the updated letter with new online payment option through the Groves website. Please disregard the BSB payment option listed on the last order form.


Carolyn Cunningham
Student Wellbeing Coordinator

Ref: 29360RF