We trust that you have had a restful break with family members and are ready for yet, another term filled with learning opportunities. It was fantastic seeing all the students back this morning ready to start a new term.
Our secondary staff members have been busy preparing their lessons for this term and are ready for a ‘new normal’ term. There have been some changes to teaching staff, so please discuss your student’s latest timetable with them. We have also had a change in break times.

We are continuing with our social distancing and cleaning measures at the school to minimise the spread of bacteria as much as possible. This includes regular wiping down of furniture surfaces, eating benches, door handles and equipment.

Chapel and Assemblies are back this term, which has caused much excitement among our students and staff. We are also working through re-scheduling of some events that were missed last term.
Secondary Cross Country has been moved to Thursday, July 30, 2020.
Year 10 Camp is going ahead from August, 4 – 7,  2020.
Inter-school Sport for both Middle and Senior Phase is starting in Week 2.

From the Secondary Team, we wish to thank all our parents for their partnership, patience, understanding and support last term and as we continue our journey together this term.

Katie Rofeta
Head of Secondary

Ref: 29867KR