The date for Secondary Cross Country has been changed. We will now run the event on Thursday, July 30, 2020. The Carnival will be starting at 8:45am after students have been to home class to be marked off the roll. As with all our major events, we want to see our students participate and succeed, our families enjoy themselves and our College flourish.
As we continue to prepare for this event, I would like to encourage students to ensure they know what age group they are in and start to prepare physically for this event.
Families may choose to stay for the full carnival, or just the times their students are running. If anyone would like to volunteer as a checkpoint official out on the course, please contact the office. Social distancing guidelines will need to be followed for all in attendance including signing in at the event, keeping 1.5m distance between others and using handwashing / sanitising stations.
If you or your child are unwell on the day, we kindly ask that you remain at home and do not attend this event.
The safety of students is very important in these competition days. If your child is sick or unfit to participate in any form of running, please contact the office or provide information to their class teacher in their diary.

For further details of the event, please read the attached letter regarding the Secondary Cross Country.


Sam Priestly
Secondary Sports Coordinator

Ref: 29901KR