Welcome back to Semester 2, we are grateful to have our students back on campus and return to a normal routine.

We are pleased to have many of our postponed events from semester 1 go ahead this term. This semester we will be celebrating our senior camps, musical, sporting competitions, and cross country. The Year 12 camp will occur this term and focus on unity and life skills for after school. The Year 10 camp will also be held this term and aims to develop perseverance and resilience across a range of outdoor activities. Senior students will sit their assessment block from Thursday Week 8 until Friday Week 9.

The focus in Senior is preparation for workplace environment by ensuring students take ownership over having correct uniform and equipment. Their diary plays a vital role in communication, the affirmation system and the tracking of assessment. The uniform is a practical way that students can show a sense of pride in themselves, their school and build positive community connections. Please note that students with incorrect uniform will be unable to return to school until they meet the Groves Uniform Code.

Hair must be easily maintained, neat and in practical business style haircuts that enable the school hat to be worn. The colour must only be natural tones reflecting the original colour of the student’s hair. Male hair styles should not be extreme, touching the collar or touching the eyebrows. Males should not need to tie their hair back and must be clean-shaven, with sideburns no longer than their ears. Females’ hair should be completely tied back if their hair exceeds collar length. Fringes must not be touching their eyelashes. Hair accessories need to complement the uniform (school colours or plain white, black, gold or silver).

Jewellery is limited to a traditional looking watch for all students and one pair of gold or silver earrings for female students (to be worn in the lobe). Please note that the Uniform code does not allow students to wear clear jewellery plugs or retainers.

Shoes must be black leather that are able to be shined with black leather polish. Large logos, other colours and high tops are not acceptable. If you are unsure please refer to the presentation policy found in the Parent/Student handbook.

We pray for the safety and health of our students as they continue their studies this semester.

Warm regards

Rachel Spiers and Rene Nieuwoudt
Head of Students and Head of Teaching and Learning