This term in Mathematics, Year 9 students are combining their knowledge of graphing and algebra to graph linear functions. It is a very commonly used area of mathematics applied to any place where flat rates are used in selling and buying products. More interestingly a linear equation can be used to model a bungee jump by explaining how far someone will fall depending on how long their bungee rope is.

The students began testing this concept in their assignment and recently started collecting data using rubber bands and test “bungee jumpers”.  Students enjoyed experimenting with how far the “jumper” would drop, with different lengths of rubber.  Each student worked as part of a group to collect their data, thinking critically and discussing how to be as accurate as possible in their experiment. Students will be taken to an area of the school and will have to use the equations they develop to decide how long their bungee rope will be to give the most thrill for their “jumper”. A gallery of photos is below.

Caleb Hugman
Year 9 Mathematics Teacher


Ref: 30295DM