Over the past term the Middle Phase students have been working on creative projects in collaborative groups. Together they decided on a project which captured themes such as:

  • To my future self
  • Volume up and volume down
  • Inspiring

Starting with the big picture, group members had to assign roles and work out the steps needed to accomplish the vision. Each class had a different collection of projects. Across the classes you would have art projects, dance pieces, script writing, videography, photography, music design, acting, set design for our upcoming musical, and vocal collaborations.

As one of the Arts teachers, it was one of the highlights of my career. Seeing students create together for enjoyment, for others and a desire to improve in their skill sets. The groups spilled out of the classrooms into our open spaces. It was a lot of fun!

Please enjoy these captured moments in the project and presentation.

Kialyn Wassenberg
Director of Arts