We are extremely proud of the achievements of our Middle Phase students this term, despite the learning adjustments we’ve had with COVID-19. It has been amazing to see our reading engagement skyrocket over this time.  Each month, there are monthly competitions set to encourage the students to reach certain goals. Over the month of May there were 3 competitions set and there were 153 winners who were awarded with prizes.

Student with the Highest Word Count award was presented to Joshua B with 2,438,997 words read this month.

We had 144 students who doubled their total book count this month.

And finally, the students who read 31+ books for the month of May are; Ester M, Nicola M, Agape U, Joshua B, Ashlee F, Sandra M, Lian B and Shalyn S.

Our Reading time is not about being smart or a bookworm, but about putting in consistent effort and pushing ourselves to pursue individual goals no matter our abilities. We would like to thank the students, parents, and staff involved in this positive cultural shift towards reading. We cannot wait to see the long-term benefits of these habits in our students.

Steph Davison
Library & Research Tutor