In Year 6, students have been learning about various people groups in Australia and some of the difficulties they faced. A wide range of stories from the past have been discussed including:

  • Women and their fight for democratic rights
  • Children; the Forgotten Australians and the Stolen Generation
  • Immigrants and the struggles they had in adjusting to life in Australia

Some of the students were surprised by video footage of the Snowy Mountain scheme, where a lot of foreigners first worked in Australia. As some of the video footage was from the 1950’s, students were surprised that they even had the technology to make movies “back then”. Many of the students have connected to the stories explored and have related them to current world events. It is our hope that students will gain a deep appreciation for different cultures and always show respect to others.

Please view some images by clicking through the gallery below.

Nathasja Sprong
Year 6S Teacher