This week in Foundation Phase, students have continued with their learning and engagement inside and outside the classrooms. As we adjust to the new ‘normal’ it is encouraging to see students maintaining their social distancing and keeping up with the washing of hands before and after eating.

On Thursday, June 25, we will be having our class photos. Order forms have been sent home for parents to complete. Please speak to your child’s classroom teacher if you require a replacement copy. Please send completed forms to school on photo day as students will be required to give these directly to the photographers. Now is the perfect opportunity to check if your child needs any new uniform items due to wear and tear or stains. Classroom teachers will also be alerting parents to uniform issues via the school diary. Currently our Uniform shop has restricted hours, but items can still be purchased by contacting the office to book a time to visit or by ordering for classroom delivery.

Thank you to the parents who have been committed to reading their child’s home reader with them each night. Daily reading at home helps your child in developing their knowledge of sounds, words and language. When reading with your child it is beneficial to encourage them to retell the story to you, focusing on the plot with the inclusion of events and characters. This strengthens student’s comprehension skills as they learn to sequence and understand plot and character development. If you notice your child is struggling with their reading, please speak to their classroom teacher who will be more than happy to provide you with extra support strategies.

Jessica Jones
Head of Foundation Phase