Groves Christian College a School to be at…..

This writing piece was a part of Ella’s creative project for Term 2. She has captured the passion shared for basketball and the inclusive nature of our student body.

“At Groves we are involved in multiple different sports. Soccer, netball, volleyball, touch and most importantly basketball. We encourage the students of Groves to get out and enjoy the time they have. There are many other sports I could have written about, but basketball is our favorite sport that helps us become more athletic. During our breaks we usually do our sports down at the Dome. We’ve got two courts with two basketball hoops. Along with a net that goes through the middle to separate all four games. The courts are open at lunch times during both breaks, so it gives you a chance to play with friends and get to know one another. Getting on the court can be daunting at first but when you start to play you feel more comfortable and want to continue. Playing with the kids at Groves is the best feeling.

Knowing that you’ve got people to connect with and share the same thing that you interested in is exciting. Being a part of a great team is a very easy way to make friends, and be connected to our more experienced players who you can learn from. Knowing that I go to school with them is amazing. If you came to Groves then you’ll know what I mean. Walking into school every morning is the best.”

by Ella B,
Year 8 student

Kialyn Wassenberg
Director of Arts