Dear Families,

Over the weekend we have seen some of the COVID-19 restrictions lifted. Although we may be able to travel outside of our postcode and shop for non-essentials, social distancing and other restrictions regarding mass gatherings still remain in place.

One of our biggest and most exciting events that all of our students, staff and families enjoy is our annual Community Fair. It is a wonderful day with lots of fun rides, activities and performances. I personally thoroughly enjoy this event and look forward to it each year (and have done so for 10 years).  To organise our Fair, it takes a lot of planning and organisation, with most vendors and companies requiring advance bookings.

In this current season, and with inability to confirm forward planning, we have had to make the hard decision to cancel the Groves 2020 Community Fair. Although we have had to cancel this day, we look forward to when we can once again run events and gather together to celebrate our students and community.

God bless,

Vanessa Osborne
Head of College