Year 8 students have been hard at work adjusting to online learning at school and at home. All the core teachers have been providing engaging daily lessons ensuring that the best possible learning occurs at this time. It has been encouraging to see a high rate of attendance for our students.

It has been pleasing to hear that students improved in their effort as they have had fewer distractions while in the lessons. The online platform of Microsoft Teams is working very well and apart from the occasional glitch the lessons are running very smoothly. Students have done well in completing quizzes and discussions with their classmates, demonstrating their understanding of what they have learned.

As mentioned in the Update for Term 2 Learning, we plan on seeing our Middle Phase students back at school on Monday, May 25. We are looking forward to seeing students back on campus and continuing to see them succeed and grow in their learning.

Anthony Landbeck
Student Well-being Coordinator

Ref: 28335DM