How is learning from home going? We would love to hear your feedback. Please email with a photo of your student in their learning space and just a couple of sentences from them on their experience learning at home.

Here are some reflections this week from a few students and parents:

Groves made the transition from school to online classes much easier with the in-depth Learner.Link courses and compulsory team calls for each class. I’m still attending classes as I would be if I was at school, just this time it’s through my laptop screen with my teachers face on it. – Haythamoo, Year 12 student.

Learning from home has definitely been different, from not having to wear a uniform every day to having a completely different timetable. Although this learning experience has been different it has given me more time to be able to complete all of my homework and assignments for the night as I am able to continue working the minute school has finished. I have enjoyed this way of learning however I do miss actually visually seeing the teachers and other students as it isn’t quite the same over a video chat. – Sarah, Year 9 student

It has been very different working at home. It was very hard to start with because you have to be responsible and motivated to not get side tracked, but we have set up our learning space and it has been very helpful having my older sister around to help me when I’m feeling a bit lost. It has also been great showing my mum and dad my work when they get home so they can see how I’m going and what I’m learning about. We have had some time where we can do some cooking and help around the house which is beneficial for us and our parents because we get to learn how to cook and they get a clean house. I have missed seeing my friends and teachers, but at least I know that we are helping our country to stay safe. Mary – Year 7 student

Learning from home is okay but it’s a bit harder than being at school. I miss my friends, being in class and my teacher. The only good thing is I get to sleep in. I hope we go back to school soon. –Joshua, Year 6 student

Paige loves engaging in her online classes. Using Learner.Link at school made her transition to learning from home an easy one. – Mrs Tyler mother of Paige, Year 8 student

Harriet has enjoyed some of the activities in Science such as sorting the dry ingredients, making a Feely bag and writing letters in shaving foam the best. It has been quite the challenge though and I am relieved Preps can return on Monday. – Mrs Evans, mother of Harriet, Prep student

I personally was looking forward to the experience of online learning while also being connected to the day school classes. Groves adopted this temporary way of learning very effectively. I’ve had easy access to the learning content, been able to get the same in-class experience as if I were at school and the teachers have made themselves available all throughout the school day, as well as after school hours, for students who need any extra help to understand things. It has been a very non-stressful experience thanks to Groves being well prepared for an online learning system. Although I have somewhat missed the social aspect of school; Groves has worked online schooling so well. Thank you to everyone who has made this tough time a lot easier. – Dominika, Year 12 student.

Nerina Callaghan
Community Services Manager

Ref: 28349BD